Natalie Godinez

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Julian and Johnny

This is my youngest brother, his name is Jullian, but we call him Juju. That cat in his arms is Johnny. Julian likes to say that Johnny is his son.. It is really cute!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BSM in Porterville

Today was a fun and random day. My best Friend Brittney came to town! It wasn’t planned she just called me after I got off work and said "Hey come to the Ice Cream Shop" ha ha so I went and what do you know, she's there waiting for me with a big "Chu Hug" (inside joke) So we sat around and just talked for a little bit. Oh and by the way Jen, Richie, Brian and Jasmine were there too! They are all so fun and random!! But anyways Britt, Jen and I decided to have a little photo shoot (: Here are just a few snap shots that we took!

This is Brittney ♥

and this is Jen (:

TIff & Evan

This was my first session ever! They made it a little easier for me, because they were just naturally posing (: We had to fight all the mosquitos and poison oak but made it out of there alive!!